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1.  June 23, 1752.  
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Book 6, page 100.
James Milham
against Moses Dinkley, writ of Scire Facias served, Defendent did not appear.  

2.  July 1752. 
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Book 4 page 311
The Petition of John Milam against Joseph Hamilton is Dismissed.  "being agreed by the parties."

3.  December 1753.
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Book 5 page 96
John Overby, Pltf. VS Edward Milam, Deft.

4.  January 1754.
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Book 5 page 159
David Anderson, Pltf. VS John Milam, Deft.

5.  January 1754.
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Book 5 page 158
John Overby, Pltf. VS Edward Milam, Deft.

6.  February 1754.
Thomas Overby against Edward Milam had an attachment against his estate for
10 Pounds plus cost.

7.  May Court 1754.
Brunswick Co., VA Court Order Book 5 page 206
John Overby, Pltf. VS Edward Milam, Pltf.

8.  May 1754.
Brunswick Co., VA Court Order Book 5 page 207
David Anderson, Pltf. VS John Milam, Deft.

9.  September 1754.
Brunswick Co., VA Court Order Book 5 page 295
William Hamilton, Pltf. VS John Milam, Deft.
(William Hamilton-agent for the King against John Milam.  An alias Capias awarded against John, 9-1754).

10.  1757
Virginia Gleanings in England, p. 305, from the Will of John Dixon:
To my son Cornelius Dixon all my land in Louisa County which I bought of Major John lee and all the land which I bought of Henry Graves, John Saunders, John Milam, and John Howlett, which are near Taylers Creek, Newfound River, and Little River, and all my land I bought of Richard Holland and Robert Estes on Beaver Creek near Louisa Court House.

11.  November 9, 1758.
Court records book 7, page 271 & 294, November 9, 1758.
James Milham vs Moses Dunkley. (Moses did not show up again)

12.  November 27, 1760.
Indenture made the 27th day of November, 1760, between Richard LEDBETTER and Hannah, his wife, of Dinwiddie County, parties of the first part, and John WILLIAMS, on consideration of the like quantity of land, conveying 99 acres, adjoining Little Jenito Creek and Long Meadow Branch, and being a part of a tract granted to Richard LEDBETTER by Patent dated September 10, 1755.   Signed by Richard LEDBETTER (his mark) and Hannah LEDBETTER (her mark).   Witnesses were Charles FLOYD, William BRIANT, and Adam MILAM.    Indenture was proved by the oaths of the witnesses in Court on January 26, 1761. Deed Book 6, page 579.    

13.  September 24, 1763. 
Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Book 7, Page 350.
John Hamilton of Brunswick Co. to Benjamin Ezell of same. 24 Sep. 1763.
#57s10 VA. 100 acres which was a part of a patent to said Hamilton 10 July
1745, joining Nippers Creek, William Tucker, Thomas Eldridge, a branch. Wit:
Allan Love, Roger Tilman, Adam (A) Millam. Proved Sep 1763. John Robinson CC.
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.)

14.  July 1765
Court records Book 9
Adam Milam witness in case of Rachel Spencer vs Joseph Simpkin
Adam Milam appeared for claim for taking up a runaway made oath to the court
to be certified-July 1765-pg 313

15.  Aug 5, 1765
a.  Court records Book 10
John Williams must pay Adam Milam 250# tobacco for 10 days as witness. 

b.  Court records Book 10, page 232.
(Charity?) Milam listed in index right above Adam's name but top of page 232 chopped off and not filmed.

c.  Court records Book 10, page 57.
Adam Milam vs Benjamin Seawell for debt owed.  Milam won.

16.  October 27, 1766. 
Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Book 8 Page 523.
Joseph Denton planter of Sussex Co. to Daniel Mackinnish carpenter of same.
27 Oct 1766. #37 VA. 100 acres being the upper part formerly (missing) to
James Roy who granted it to said Joseph Denton, joining Harrison, Rolings,
William Harrison, James Roy. Wit: Thos. Peete, Sterling Edmunds, Joshua
Winfield, Adam Minlan.
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.)

17.  October 30, 1766. 
Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Book 8 Page 448.
John (R) Ray Sr. of Meherrin Parish in Brunswick Co., to Nathl Ray of said
parish. 30 Oct 1766. Deed of Gift & 20s sterling. 150 acres in said parish
which was part of a patent to said John Ray 12 July 1750, joining Col Allen,
Wall Wesson, on both sides of Great Creek. Wit: Adam Milam, William Smith,
John Wrey. Proved 23 Feb 1767. N. Edwards Jr. DCC.
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.)

18.  October 17, 1771
The Pennsylvania Gazette:
LIST of LETTERS remaining in the Post Office, Philadelphia.
M. Hugh McPhelimy, John McLoan, Eneas McPhillip, JOSEPH MILAM, William McCaughan, John Marshal, Mr. McCleaur, John McDonnell, Anthony Mussenden, Peter Martlew, Eart McTagart, Patrick McClelland, Morris Mahony, Thomas Murdoc, Elizabeth Mecom, Patrick McQuid, Doctor McGuire, Patrick Moore, Robert Magill, Patrick Meade, Thomas Mitchell, Alexander Miller, James Moore, Samuel Martin, Mabey McCawey, Alexander McLure, Philadelphia;

Robert Miller, Andrew McBride, William Mitchell, Thomas Matthias, Doctor John Moland, Bucks County

Robert Mitchell, James Monks, William Moore, Lancaster (4) 
John Mills, Nottingham
William McDowell, Haddonfield; 
Henry Moore, Pottsgrove
George Maxton, Yellow Springs
Alexander McGraddy, Frankford Road.

19.  1774-1804.
Oath of Allegiance Bute Co. NC

The Oath had to be administered by justices of their districts to qualify the men to vote for members in the election.  Miscellaneous County Records 1774-1804.   The men had to sign the oath to vote in the election.  Adom Mylam, James Mylam, Lewis Mylam, James Myrick, George Norsworthy, James Norsworthy, William Owen, Daniel Pegram, Edward Pegram, George Pegram

20.  1774-1804.
Oaths of Allegiance to NC, Pittman Papers marked Misc County Records:
Adom Mylam, James Mylam, James Myrick, George Norsworthy, James Norsworthy, William N. Norsworthy, William Owen, Daniel Pegram, Edward Pegram, George Pegram,
Gidion Pegram.

21.  March 22, 1775.
The Pennsylvania Gazette:
FOUR DOLLARS Reward.  RUN away from the subscriber, on the night of the 12th of March instant, living in Lower Merion township, Philadelphia County, a servant lad, named WILLIAM MILEHAM, about 5 feet 6 inches high, this country born, about 18 years of age, well set, fresh coloured, full faced, black eyes, sandy hair, a down looking fellow, and slow in speech; had on, and took with him, a brown camblet coat, a pair of black knit breeches, an old felt hat, homespun shirt; it is very likely that he may change his clothes; it is expected he is gone to Philadelphia, as he has friends there. Whoever secures the said servant in any of his Majesty goals, so that his master may have him again, shall have the above reward, and all reasonable charges, paid by EDWARD PRICE.

N. B.  All matters of vessels are forbid to carry him off, at their peril.

22.  November 15, 1775. 
Brunswick Co., VA. Deed Book 11, Part 2, page 526.
Edmund (x) Milum & Molley (x) Milum of Meherrin in Brunswick to John Swanson. 15 Nov 1775. #43s7p7.5 VA (money). A parcel of hogs, 2 horses, 8 cattle 2 pots & hooks, 1 frying pan, etc. Wit: John Sims, William Randle, Briggs Goodrich. Proved 27 Nov. 1775. Peter Pelham, Jr. CC.
Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.)

23.  April 7, 1784:
The Pennsylvania Gazette:
WHEREAS my wife Jane Milam, has eloped from me without just cause, she having married another in my absence; this is to forewarn all persons from trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting from the date hereof. April 5, 1784.
Joseph Milam.

24.  31 November 1784.
Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Book 15: Meherrin Parish.
To Bartlett Sims DR.
To keeping Edmd. Milam from 31st November 1784 till the 31st of November 1785 715 tobo. @ /2 pounds L5.19.2. To cloathing found the said parishener L1.11.". Total L7.10.2.

25.  4 December 1786.
Charlotte County, Virginia court records, page 45:
Ordered that the overseers of the poor of the Third District bind out the following orphans to wit; Rebecca Franklin to George Moseley, Jnr., Nancy Ale to Wm Ale, William Ale to Stephen May, Letty Hughs to Joseph Hughs, William Milam and Searie Milam to Michel Gill, Betsy Roberts to Francis Lindsay, Mark Bartelott James to Stephen May, Loyd May to David May, Edmund Lane and Benjamin Malone and William Malone to Stephen May according to law.

(The "Searie" Milam above is most certainly Jeanie Milam, William's sister.)

26.  June 26, 1810
Tazewell County, Virginia, Deed Book 1, Page 446:
Know all men by these presents that we William Fletcher Joshua Day Edward Milam, James Milam Henry Pruitt, Aron Fletcher of Tazwell County and State of Virginia do by these presents make ordain Constitute and appoint Lewis Milam of the County and State aforesaid, Our true and lawfull Attorney, for us and in Our names to ask Sue for, recover and receive, all the money his Father hid by his James Milam - decd. + found by Mr. Lewis's son on the plantation whare he died, in Pittsylvania County, hereby ratifying and confirming whatsoever our said Attorney shall Lawfully do in the premises, as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes as if we, our selves, were personally present

Given under our hands and seals this 26th day of June 1810
William Fletcher {seal}
Joshua Day {seal}
Edward + Milam {seal}
Aron Fletcher {seal}
henry + Pruitt {seal}
James Milam {seal}

27.  5 March 1814
Tazewell County, Virginia

SIMEON CARTER (page 72) Made: 5 March 1814 Proven: April 1814 Will. Weak in body.  Wife, Catharine--the mansion house.  Plantation on which I live to my four sons: John, Daniel, Samuel and Joel--to be equally divided.  To rest of my children: five shillings each. Whatever may be left me by my father at his decease to be equally divided amongst all my children.  Executors: John and Daniel.  Witnesses: Joseph Moore and James Milam.

SIMEON CARTER (page 78) 29 October 1814 Appraisement.  By Howard Bane, Lewis Milam, Joseph Moore, Thomas Allen. $187.92.

28.  1819/1824
The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 2, October 1934.
Taken from Masters of Arts thesis by Lois Garver, University of  Texas, Chapter 1
"Benjamin Rush Milam was born in the little town of Frankfort, Kentucky, on October 20, 1788.(1)  There seems, however, to be some confusion as to the accuracy of the date, for in 1819 the curate of St. Peter's church at Louisville, Kentucky, certified that Benjamin Rush Milam was born on March 12, 1795.(2)  This date, in all probability is wrong because, according to family records, Ben Milam's youngest brother, James, was born in 1792."

"footnote 1: Taken from the family records in possession of Ben T. Milam of Middlesboro, Kentucky. footnote 2:  A copy of the curate's statement is on file in the Department of Justicia, Archivo General, in Mexico City.  It seems that Milam presented this statement to the Mexican government when he applied for citizenship papers in 1824.  The letter reads as follows: 'The fourth (?) of March, in the year of our Lord seventeen hundred and ninety five, I, William McFarland, curate of this church, did baptize a child born the twelfth of this inst., to whom I put on the holy oil with crism and called him Benjamin legitimate son of Moses Milam of Virginia and Eliza Boyd of North Carolina, paternal parents John Milam and Mary Wilson and maternal parents William Boyd and Mary Rush, his Godfather being John Delane of France to whom I have put in mind the spiritual cognation and his obligation according to the Roman ritual.'  The present curate, however, says that the records of St. Peter's Catholic Church at Louisville do not go back beyond the date 1855."

29. 1820
Pennsylvania Residents, Transcribed 1994 from records in the State Archives of Pennsylvania:
"A list of Persons residing in the State of Pennsylvania who have been placed on the Pension Roll of the United States under the Act of Congress of the 18th day of March 1818; showing the rank or capacity in which each served, and made in compliance with a request of the Senate of Pennsylvania."
William Mileham

30.  1853 Deed of Gift by Benjamin Milam Involving Slave
This document is written completely by hand.  It measures about 12 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide.

Know all men by these presents, that I Benjamin Milam of the Count of Lawrence and State of Alabama, in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear to my Daughter Mary Jane Peerson wife of Sherwood Peerson of said County and for and towards the better support and maintenance of her, the said Mary Jane, and for decreed and other good causes and valuable considerations to me there unto specially moving have given, granted and sold. & by hese presents do give, grant, and sell, unto the said Mary Jane, the following described property (to wit), a certain negro girl slave, named Juddy about twelve years of age of dark complexion, & a certain sorrel mare about six years old two cows & calves, two beds, bedsteds & furniture, on bureau, two tables, and safe, now in the possession of the said Mary Jane To have, and to hold, the above described property and the future increase of the same to the sole and separate use of the said Mary Jane during her natural life, not to be subject in anywise to the contracts and liabilities of her said husband, the said Sherwood Peerson, or to any disposal to be made by him, but the said property is to remain, and belong to the said Mary Jane as her separate property, as if she were a "femme sole" during her natural life, and at her death to descent to her children of her body lawfully begotten, if there should be any alive at that time. But in the event she said Mary Jane should die without leaving any children alive at her death, the said property is to revert to me. But it is further expressly stipulated that in case I should depart this life before the death of the said Mary Jane, and she should leave no children lawfully begotten, living at her death, then and in that case, the said property above described must descent to my children, share and share alike, in equal proportions.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of January 1853.
Benj. Milam (seal)

The State of Alabama
Lawence County

I Henry A. McGhee Judge of Probate of said county hereby certify that Benjamin Milam, whose name is signd to the foregoing conveyance, and who is known to me, acknowledged before me, on this day, that being informed of the contents of the conveance he executed the same voluntarily, on the day the same bears date.

Given under my and this 28th day of January 1853
H. A. McGhee, Judge PC &C.
State of Alabama
Lawrence County S. S.

I H. A. McGhee Judge of Probate of said County hereby certify that the foregoing deed of gift was deposited in my office for record on the 28th day of January 1853. And was duly recorded in the same day in my office, in Deed Book A, pages 532 & 533.. Given under my hand at office in Moulton in said County January 25th 1853.

H. A. McGhee, Judge PC &C


A.  "Marriage Notices from Upper S.C. Newspapers 1843-1865"
Abstracts from the Laurensville Weekly Herald *Issue of June 10, 1853 (USC)

Married on the 2d inst., at Thomas Dendy’s, by W. D. Watts, Esq., Mr. A. S. Taylor to Miss Urilla(sic) Milam, daughter of the late Col. R. Milam, of this district.

Issue of November 18, 1853
Married on the 6th inst., in Merriwether Co., Ga., by James F. A. Peebles, Esq., John Milam, formerly of Laurens District, S. C. to Miss Irene C. Evans.

Issue of November 25, 1853
Married at the residence of Mr. John Ferguson, by W. D. Watts, Esq., Mr.Wilkerson Milam to Miss Belinda Taylor, all of Laurens District.

B.  From Texas & Texans, Vol. III, page 1121 (abstracted)
Robert F. Milam, b. 8 Jun 1873, Weatherford, TX; son of Benjamin R. and Amazonia F. (Fain) Milam; a grand nephew of the renowned Benjamin R. Milam; Robert Milam's grandmother on his father's side, was a sister of Collin McKinney, for whom Collin Co. TX was named.  Was a judge, and the Mayor of Ft. Worth in 1913.

C.  Obtained from letter from June Milam Brown in Texas in 1970.
"Jarvis (Jackson Milam) and Susannah's (Wood) first child was John, born in 1802 in Madison Co., Kentucky - around 1810 or 1811, the family moved to Madison Co., Alabama where they remained until about 1835 when Jarvis and most of his children moved to Marshall., Miss.  John owned a store in Chulahoma, Miss. and died in 1838.  He did not leave a will, but the probate records of his estate are in the Court House at Holly Springs, MS.  I didn't learn much from them, but did find the names of some of his children from the probate on Jarvis' estate in 1855.  Jarvis died in July of 1849.  He left a will but I've found more information on the family from his probate.  In 1855, one of the papers name the children of his deceased son, John.   I think there were other children, but four are named as well as where they were living in 1855.   John had at least three sons and one daughter:  Sarah A. Milam and James Milam are listed as living in Marshall Co..  W.B. (Willis) and Jarvis A. Milam were in Yalabusha Co.  Jarvis' daughter, Frances Estill Milam married Dr. W.W. Neville and they also lived in Yalabusha Co.  Another daughter, Mary A. Milam had married a Mr. Warren and she is listed as living in Tallahatchie Co. in 1855.  It seems reasonable that some of John's children may have moved to that County as well - if not then, perhaps soon after."

D.  First Search World Cat Database:
ACCESSION: 36428966; TITLE: McKinney and Milam family papers; YEAR: 1766 1902; PUB TYPE: Mixed Materials; FORMAT: 4 boxes (1.66 linear ft.) NOTES:  Correspondence, legal and financial documents, land surveys, > plat maps, field notes, petitions, and printed material. This collection is formed of the personal papers and business records of the Collin McKinney and Jefferson Milam families.  McKinney family papers include correspondence (1812-1860), legal and financial documents (1766-1860), and land surveys, field notes, and plat maps of McKinney lands in Texas.  Milam family papers contain correspondence (1827-1902, bulk 1836-1875), legal and financial documents (1826-1902), land surveys, field notes, and plat maps.  Items dating from 1835 to 1844 concern Jefferson Milam, his family, business as a planter, and tenure as Surveyor General for Red River County.  Later materials include letters to Eliza S. Milam from her children and son Scott Milam's Civil War diary.  Letters between John H. Lynn, G. R. Freeman and H. C. Hodges concern Benjamin Milam's estate (1870-1875).  Non-family correspondence is that of Earl Stanley Williams, an associate of Benjamin Milam, (1827-1837) and Wavell colonists (1833-1835).  Wavell Colony documents consist of an 1825 register of colonists, a summary of same, correspondence and legal documents concerning colony business, and petitions to the Mexican government.  Printed material includes Republic of Texas publications, an abstract of General Land Office titles of record for Mexican land grants, U.S. Congressional speeches (1846-1854), and ephemera.  Collin McKinney, a major figure  in the settlement of northeast Texas, was a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, member of the Republic of Texas Congress representing Red River County, planter, merchant, lay preacher and justice of the peace.  Collin County and the town of McKinney were named for him.  McKinney's daughter, Eliza, married Jefferson Milam, surveyor for Wavell's Colony.  Milam's uncle, Benjamin R. Milam, was Arthur G. Wavell's agent in procuring settlers for the colony.

E.  SLFHC Film # 0175296
General Index of Proceedings of Estates 1821-1939
M's - Pg. 18 Guardianship
Bradie E. Milam - Minor
John Wesley Milam
- Minor
Thomas F. Milam
Wyley Milam
W. E. Milam, Guardian
Thomas F. Milam Sr.

30.  Letter from H. F. Twitty to "Uncle" Nathan Milam of Macon Depot, Warren County, NC
(Probably Pre-Civil War; possibly on his way to California Gold Rush, ca. 1849)


31.  Isham Milam, Bartlett Milam, James Bell 1839 Land Indenture, Lawrence County, Alabama.